The Keys to the Good Life - How to Survey Lifestyle Elements

There is more to life than work! Marketers in the entertainment, culinary and travel industries do their job with vigilance to remind us what the good life really is all about. Surveys are ideal for measuring the importance of lifestyle elements to our customers and prospects. In order to do more

Are You Using More Than One Barrel? Tips for Question Writing

When is two not better than one? In survey design two is certainly not better than one. In this case it refers to the use of double-barreled questions. Those with little research training often do not realize they are combining two distinct elements into one question. The best practice is more

Advice for Writing Survey Questions: Choose yourds wisely

Like it or not, as researchers we are in the wordsmithing business. Either we are developing questionnaires to probe into constructs such as advertising awareness or customer satisfaction, or we are analyzing respondent comments for depth and tonality. At the end of the day we take these words more

Capturing Lifestyle Information

Ah the sweet life…marketers in the entertainment, culinary and travel industries do their job with vigilance to remind us what the good life really is. In order to do this effectively, the researchers that support these marketers need to embrace lifestyle questions in our consumer surveys. Hard more

Checklists for Survey Project Success

As survey researchers we are more like projects managers than we may think. The more I work around project managers the more I realize we are managing projects with the same goals as any dedicated PM. Now our projects may not be on the scale of building a new hospital, installing a new more

Are Customers Singing Bye Bye Bye?

Have you ever felt like customers are singing NSync's Bye Bye Bye because of their experience with support or maybe you've sung it to a company in the past? I know I have! It's not a secret customers don't renew/repurchase because of poor customer support. Some research has dissatisfied more

Simple Ways to Improve the Quality of your Survey Project

The simplicity of online survey tools and the DIY mentality lend themselves to “quick and easy” thinking, but that does not always yield data that are actionable. This post, and those that follow, will focus on simple ways to increase the quality and value of your market research or other more

Putting Together a Market Research Summary Report, Part II

In part I of this series, I discussed items to be included and factors to consider when writing a market research summary report. I'll continue here. The next step in writing your report, is to write the conclusions and recommendations section. First, in this section, you may want to put together more

4 Tips for Avoiding Distorted Customer Survey Results

Often, when we create questionnaires and write survey questions, we focus solely on what's important to us. We focus on the goals of the survey project and forget everything else. While it's good to focus on our survey goals, if we narrow in to much, we end up distorting the customer's more

Putting Together a Market Research Summary Report, Part I

You have completed your research, tabulated and analyzed your data. The next step is writing the market research report – a summary of your findings, and recommendations for the future.  Here are my recommendations for writing a report that's understandable, beneficial and useful to more
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