Are You Using More Than One Barrel? Tips for Question Writing

When is two not better than one? In survey design two is certainly not better than one. In this case it refers to the use of double-barreled questions. Those with little research training often do not realize they are combining two distinct elements into one question. The best practice is more

Revisited: Additional Comments are a Survey MUST

Just like the 2009 Mountain Dew Throwback campaign, I'm bringing back the sentiments from this post: Offering An Additional Comment Section Is An Online Survey Must Have additional comments, concerns, ways for us to improve? Let us know! Seems super simple to add this example survey question to more

Revisited: The 6 Steps of the Market Research Process

A few years ago, I wrote a post titled, Market Research Process: 6 Steps to Project Success. It's one of those posts that is constantly one of the most viewed posts on the blog. Because it's one of the most popular posts of all time, I think it's time to give it a refresh. So for our first more

Checklists for Survey Project Success

As survey researchers we are more like projects managers than we may think. The more I work around project managers the more I realize we are managing projects with the same goals as any dedicated PM. Now our projects may not be on the scale of building a new hospital, installing a new more

Are Customers Singing Bye Bye Bye?

Have you ever felt like customers are singing NSync's Bye Bye Bye because of their experience with support or maybe you've sung it to a company in the past? I know I have! It's not a secret customers don't renew/repurchase because of poor customer support. Some research has dissatisfied more

The Best of... 2010 Top 20 Countdown Continued

If you're just getting back in the office after a long weekend, don't forget to check out the first of our top 20 count down. Today, we continue our countdown with our next four most popular posts: Postponing Questions: The Give & Take of Writing Surveys Many times, it's not just one person who more

Product Feedbak: 5 Guidelines for What to Ask

Market research is a must-have step in product development. Without essential product feedback from customers, how do you know you're making the right choices about your strategies and enhancements? Of course not all product market research needs to be in the form of an online survey, some of more

How to Conduct Survey Research 101

For anyone new to the world of creating surveys, sending out email invitations and studying results, making your first questionnaire may seem daunting. As you plan your first survey, here are a few first-timer tips to help get you off the ground.• Know your objectives. All too often, companies more

Writing Employee Surveys: Put Yourself in Their Shoes

From crafting employee satisfaction surveys to making a questionnaire that measures employee commitment, creating question and response sets that track how your workers are feeling requires an empathetic approach. You need to try to understand how your employees feel before you try to get them more

The Workplace Question: How to Evaluate Staff Performance

For many managers and owners, figuring out how to evaluate staff performance can be a very challenging task. Depending on the size of the business and how closely workers interact with their managers on a daily basis, staff evaluations can make for an uncomfortable work environment. However, more
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