Webinar Q & A: The Value of Employee Engagement on Customer Metrics

On Thursday, we sponsored an eWorkshop about the value of employee engagement on customer metrics with Demand Metric. We had great quetsions come in that we unfortunately did not have enough time to get to, but have answered below! If you missed the eWorkshop or would like to watch it again, the...read more

3 Types of Employees & 4 Ways To Curb the Not-Engaged and Actively Disengaged Problem

Employee engagement (or lack thereof) has been a popular topic of conversation recently, as this issue is not something companies can afford to take lightly when 70% of Americans don’t show up to work committed to delivering their best performance, according to Gallup. I’ve wrote about the poor...read more

Employee Retention is the New Black

When the word retention comes to mind we often turn to customer retention first. After all, retention management programs are a key component to successful growth of the customer base. However, as the economy continues to slowly move out of the depths, another version of retention is becoming...read more

Managing Employee Turnover

It's a good idea to manage employee turnover to minimize HR and onboarding costs and maximize employee happiness, but self-proclaimed Customer Service Management Coach Flavio Martins believes it's also a critical piece in providing a quality customer experience. Preventing premature employee...read more

Focusing on the Wrong Things: Employee Engagement

A friend of mine has been growing more and more dissatisfied with her current position. She is more or less the office greeter and receptionist but is not empowered to help client's and their customers. Her organization offers virtual offices, meeting rooms and office space. She describes it as a...read more

Diversity Alone Won't Engender Employee Satisfaction

It's important to have a diverse workforce. But when it comes to employee satisfaction, diversity alone won't suffice. For example, a survey conducted by the Howard University Center for Accounting Education (CAE) discovered that, at least in the accounting industry, African-Americans don't feel...read more

Delaying Retirement is More Than Necessity

French citizens took to the streets in sometimes violent protests against their government's proposed increase of the retirement age from 60 to 62. According to a recent survey by Towers Watson, many people here in the U.S. — for whom the retirement age is 65 — are working longer voluntarily.A large...read more

Employee Engagement: A Familiar Success Story

Do you just show up to work for a paycheck or are you one of the lucky people who look forward to coming to work? Are you proud of what you do? It's no secret that if your employees are engaged and look forward to coming into the office their job performance will be better than those who are just...read more

The Most Dreaded Annual Event in the Work World

What is it about annual job performance appraisals that makes employees and managers alike dread them more than a visit to the dentist? According to a post on the New York Times' Well blog, one reason annual performance appraisals are dreaded, especially by employees, is because they're too...read more

Should HR Stop Worrying So Much About Diversity?

Diverse workforces in the U.S. and many metropolises abroad are important because customer demographics are expanding more and more every day. Diversity is one that could have a significant impact on the earning potential of companies, like retail and food service outlets, that interact directly...read more
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