What the Biggest Political Polling Mistakes in History can Teach us about Surveys

Polls have been used to try and predict the outcome of important political races for centuries. The first poll was a modest straw poll conducted by the Harrisburg Pennsylvanian newspaper in attempt to determine the 1824 presidential election. Today, as we approach the 2014 mid-term elections, our...read more

Creating a Winning Website

How would you rate your organization's online customer experience? If you think you deserve a passing grade, congratulations; according to a Forrester study, your website is among only 3% that do. The Huffington Post breaks down some of the key offenders: The information on the website isn't what...read more

3 Tips for Website Surveys

Website surveys are becoming more standard across businesses, especially where customer service is involved.  While there is no right or wrong way to put up a website survey, there are best practices you can follow to ensure that your customers still have a good web experience on your site and that...read more

Create Positive Website Survey Experiences

Many online retailers and service providers use website exit surveys to measure how well their site meets visitor needs. It's critical to make sure any web site survey software doesn't negatively affect a customer's online experience. To improve the success of your website usability survey campaign,...read more

Using Website Exit Surveys to Enhance the Online Experience

In a world where so much of our day-to-day business happens online, it's crucial to make sure that your company's website is functioning properly and meeting the needs of its users. Whether you run an online retail store or a website that provides a community for users to play virtual games, using a...read more

Cvent Online Survey Best Practices: The Recipe for Perfect Surveys

Cvent provides you simple survey tips as best practices that you can follow while working on your electronic survey project to ensure that the project is flawless. Mentioned below are some survey form best practice tips that will help you achieve this.Anonymous Survey: If you are creating an...read more

Respondents Aren’t Finishing My Online Survey... Help!: A Case Study

Partial responses are an unavoidable caveat of online surveys.  There are no moderators to ensure the survey respondent completes the web survey in its entirety and there are, generally speaking, no punishments or consequences should a respondent exit the survey early.  Add in the ever...read more

Websites Rank At Top Of Marketer Lists So Why Aren't You Conducting Website Usability Surveys?

One type of online survey questionnaire we don't talk about a lot is website marketing research and web usability surveys for your web pages. Often times we narrow in on market surveys, customer surveys and employee surveys leaving out a wide range of other types of surveys. Web site survey tools...read more
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