Create Positive Website Survey Experiences

Many online retailers and service providers use website exit surveys to measure how well their site meets visitor needs. It's critical to make sure any web site survey software doesn't negatively affect a customer's online experience. To improve the success of your website usability survey campaign, more

Determining Survey Objectives

The number of simple online survey tools has enabled even the smallest organization to conduct an in-depth market research analysis for a fraction of the cost and time. But these feedback collection opportunities can still be wasted if you don’t determine proper survey objectives before you more

5 Must-Haves in a Survey Solution

People love Google. Most people can't even go a full day without using their search (if not some of their other tools - gmail, Wave, Docs, etc.). The best part about Google is it's free, and everyone loves free. While free gets it done, sometimes there could be more that you're missing. Would more

Making Sure Your Online Surveys are Flawless

Recently, I discussed ways to make sure your online questionnaires are easy to use and understand. To refresh, these online survey best practice tips you should make the language clear, use the same rating system throughout, and have multiple people proof and check all the links. All this more

Need Sound Bites?

Marketing departments love client testimonials and customer quotes. They're great to share with the sales team when prospects need referrals, they're helpful to put in powerpoint presentations, and can be a critical piece of any marketing website. Getting those sound bites from clients can be more

Improve Your Next Event With A Post-Event Survey

If you've ever had to plan an event, you know how much work goes into it from finding a venue, negotiating contracts, coordinating invitations, and that's just the tip of the ice burg. You may or may not know, but Cvent's more than just a web survey software company. We are also a market leader more

Websites Rank At Top Of Marketer Lists So Why Aren't You Conducting Website Usability Surveys?

One type of online survey questionnaire we don't talk about a lot is website marketing research and web usability surveys for your web pages. Often times we narrow in on market surveys, customer surveys and employee surveys leaving out a wide range of other types of surveys. Web site survey more

Reduce Partial Responses: Ask If They Have Time To Give More Feedback

It's pretty frustrating when it comes time begin your survey results analysis using either the survey reports built into your online survey software, excel or another survey analysis tool and you find your survey has a high partial response rate. You spent a lot of time writing survey questions more

Increase Online Survey Usability By Inserting Page Breaks

A lot of thought and time goes into survey design, from question creation to the graphical template to the email message and list segmentation. But, when you sit down to design your questionnaire, are you thinking about page breaks? Page breaks in an online survey is often an over looked more

Join Cvent for a Survey Best Practices Webinar!

At the Cvent Survey blog, we enjoy sharing some of our best tips, tricks and tools of the online survey trade. As one of our blog readers, we can only assume you enjoy getting them too! So, we want to invite you to join Cvent for one of our brand-new best practices webinars. In just 45 minutes, more
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