Webinar Q&A: Crimes in Survey Design

Last Thursday, I hosted the Crimes in Survey Design webinar. We had many great questions come in that we unfortunately did not have time to get to, but have answered below! If you missed the webinar or would like to watch it again, the recording is available here. What is the ideal rating scale: 5...read more

Top 15 Blog Posts of 2013

I can’t believe 2013 is almost over! There are so many great blogs that we’ve posted over the past 12 months, that I wanted to keep up with tradition and give all of our readers a recap of the most popular blog posts of 2013! Enjoy! Samples at Random Sometimes being random is exactly what your...read more

Q & A from The Voice of the Customer: From Feedback to Action Webinar

Last week, we hosted a webinar with Senior Research Analyst from Aberdeen Group, Aly Pinder, and Global Client Experience Senior Program Manager from Cornerstone OnDemand, Jen Maldonado. We had TONS of great questions. We've gone through the all questions and answered them here. If you missed the...read more

✓ Voice of the Customer: From Feedback to Action Webinar [REGISTRATION OPEN]

Customers are more empowered than ever, and organizations must continue to find ways to capture and leverage valuable customer feedback to improve products, services, and the customer experience. I'm thrilled to announce that Cvent is hosting a webinar on June 20th with Aberdeen Senior Research...read more

Reminder: Cvent Will Be Offline for Enhancements Tonight

We announced last week that we're adding new features and enhnacements to the Cvent Suite, including the online survey software. During this process, Cvent will be unavailable starting at 9:00 PM US ET and should be complete on or before 4:00 AM US ET on Saturday, July 17. Last Friday, we shared a...read more

Why are Customers Leaving?

It is imperative to use some sort of feedback technique to better understand how satisfied your customers are and what changes, if any, need to be made. Without knowing this valuable information, you could be losing customers because you simply did not take the time to collect client...read more

78% Switch to a Competitor Because Poor Website Performance

78% of consumers have switched to a competitor's site due to poor web performance during peak times. According to a new Gomez survey, 88% of website users are less likely to return to a poor performing site. This means once you lose them, there's a good chance they're gone forever. Ouch. All because...read more

Make Documents Accessible as Part of the Survey Process

Use Cvent’s Document Library to upload documents that you want your audience to download or reference during the survey process.  Any document in your document library can also be placed within any email correspondence. Simply host your document with the Document Library of your Cvent Web Surveys...read more

Reminder: New Cvent Web Survey Features Coming Soon

In response to client feedback and suggestions, and as part of our ongoing commitment to be the most comprehensive event management, marketing and web survey solution, we have exciting new features coming tonight. In order to update the application, Cvent will be unavailable starting at 9:00 PM US...read more

Common Mistakes with Marketing Surveys - Problem #1

In the last few months I've received about 4-5 different interactive surveys asking me about my experiences with these common activities:• Subscribing to a gaming website • Contacting a PC's customer support service • Purchasing a new car • Getting a refund for concert tickets bought online Problem...read more
Crimes in Design Webinar
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