Clarify Ambiguous Questions with a Survey Test

One of the biggest obstacles in obtaining accurate survey results is human interpretation. 

What is clear to you may not be clear to someone completing your survey form.  Clarifying ambiguous questions is just one of the many reasons you should always do a trial run of your customer satisfaction survey before administering it to your entire survey sample.  Conducting a test is the best way to identify questions and phrases that are subject to misinterpretation.  Tests can be used to test the validity and reliability of individual survey questions and the entire questionnaire.  While administering a test may add time to your survey process, it will save you time when you go to analyze survey reponses on the actual survey.

To test your questionnaire, select a sub-set of your survey sample group.  This small sample will complete their surveys as usual.  You will analyze the results and revise your survey accordingly.

This extra time investment will pay off when you get helpful results from your actual survey.
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