Save Money with Proactive Survey Techniques

One of my clients recently shared how they are using Cvent's survey technology to identify customer issues before their reps get to the site and get "ambushed" by angry customers.

The company provides consulting and implementation around voice and data services. Often, when a consultant or service provider arrives at site, the customer is waiting with several hot button issues. Now, the client proactively engages their customers by sending periodic, personalized surveys using Cvent's scheduled email survey feature.

As a result, issues are identified before a site visit is even needed and steps are taken to solve the problem. Customers satisfaction has increased with more timely service. Even more important, the company saves money by reducing the number of required site visits. There's also the added benefit of boosting employee morale since consultants and service employees return from visits without having their heads bitten off.

When it comes to conducting surveys, it's not just about a static metric you benchmark against last year's survey. While that can be an important part of the survey program, there's additional benefits from regularly collecting customer feedback through an online surveying tool. In my opinion, Cvent is a win/win.
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