Web Site Polls: The Power of Understanding Conversion

You go onto a site and during your visit a window pops onto the screen and asks if you want to take a quick survey during or at the end of your visit. How many times has this happened to you? And, it happens more and more frequently across various business verticals with an online presence. Why is a...read more

Enhance Your Website Experience

While we've discussed the infinite learning opportunities that online surveys present for your company, there is another great benefit of short online survey response sets and online polls: they can be fun. Between large blocks of text and a few images, so many websites look the same. Sure, there...read more

Are Your Online Marketing Strategies Working?

Companies today must constantly evaluate their marketing and advertising efforts to remain competitive. But how do you stand out when consumers are being bombarded by more messages, in more ways than ever? It starts with knowing what is and isn't working for your particular brand or service.  Here...read more

Make Sure Your Survey Results Are Accurate

Social media is growing, and its having an impact on the way businesses attract new customers and listen to existing customer opinions. While browsing many of these social media platforms, I've noticed organizations conducting online polls. I think it's important to understand that while public...read more

Creating Electronic Surveys - The Unbiased, Cost-Effective Phone Alternative

From public opinion polls to customer satisfaction surveys, many organizations still rely on telephone interviews to collect consumer data. While collecting feedback from constituents is essential for continued success, allocating funds for telephone research may not be the best use of that market...read more

The Key to Effective Surveying - Unbiased Questions

Developing survey questions can be challenging. It's no secret that among the members of your survey sample, respondents will perceive the same phrasing, questions and answers differently. The key to developing survey questions is making them unbiased. Unbiased questions will help you receive the...read more

Not So Serious Surveying!

When we ask our clients to take a survey, we are asking them to do us a favor. They don't HAVE to complete the survey, we WANT them to complet it; and in doing so provide us with information that ultimately, will enhance our organization. So, when we write questionnaire items, we don't necessarily...read more

Are Forward-to-a-Friend Referrals a Gimmick?

People argue about the value of a Viral Forward-to-a-Friend feature many email marketing and email survey tools have. Take this DMNews article. One of the email experts think forward-to-a-friend is a gimmick for email marketing tools to say they're viral. On the other side of the fence is the...read more

Get Rid of Post-Holiday Blues with Fun Online Polls

With New Years and holiday season behind us, the employee morale level has likely taken a dip.  No more excuses to postpone the new work-out regime, no more college-esque breaks to spend with friends and family, and add in the bitter weather that has swept through the nation, and the term employee...read more

Running Multilingual Surveys using Cvent Web Surveys

According to a recent poll conducted by Harris Interactive, the average American thinks that over half of the world’s population speak English – the reality is that only 20 -25% speak English as a native or second language. In addition, there are about 200 languages that have a million or more...read more
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