Feature of the Month: QR codes

I wanted to highlight a feature from one of our mini Web Survey releases this summer that can be helpful in regards to getting more responses for your surveys. You now have the ability to download QR codes from the web survey tool. These QR codes can be added to invoices, receipts, flyers,...read more

National Customer Service Day: Experience Matters

Traditionally, Customer Service and been thought of as a Cost Center. And it's true! Thinking of customer service this way is going to make the lack of it cost you customers—and lots of them! And based on his tweet this morning, it seems that Don agrees. DonCooper The Sales Heretic™ Today is Nat'l...read more

The World is Not Flat: Conducing Multi-Language Surveys

As Thomas Friedman taught us, The World Is Not Flat. We operate in a global economy. As such, we’re often required to field surveys in multiple languages. Creating surveys in languages other than English is not a new Cvent feature. In fact, Cvent Web Survey users have been able to do this for a few...read more

Three Rules to Know for Web Browser Surveys

Web browser surveys are becoming commonplace for many companies and brands.  After all, website surveys are a great way to capture your engaged audience as they browse your site.  If you have never launched a site survey, here are three rules to know before you take the plunge: Alert and/or ask you...read more

Why a Web Browser Survey is the Way to Go

Where do you place your web survey? As a call-out on your home page? As a pop-up on top of the page you are viewing? One of the best ways to execute your survey is as a web-browser survey. Here's why a web browser may be your best bet: It enables the customer to continue what they are doing and give...read more

Do You Want Advertisers Monitoring Your Web Traffic?

Every day, it seems, marketers come up with new ways to reach out to potential customers. The latest method involves tracking consumers' web traffic. Consumers who disagree with this particular brand of market research are not alone.In much the same way that Facebook tailors ads on someone's home...read more

Three Tips for Web Site Surveys

So much of our daily lives take place interacting with and using technology, we often fall into habits or take for granted certain things we consider "norms" until, that is, we are faced with something different.  I was recently on a web site that asked me to take a survey, except the request and...read more

Three Important Rules for Web Browser Surveys

If you use the web to research products, services, or for e-commerce, then you have probably been asked to take a survey a few times during your perusal of the Internet. While almost any site can create a survey, there are three key "rules" you should follow for web browser surveys, and include: Ask...read more

Kiosk Survey Mode: It's Not Just for Onsite

We have all seen them; the shiny, silver boxes at large hotels, hospitals and really any sizable establishment.  They come to life with a touch on the screen and have any and all information you could ever need.  Their central location and ease of use make them an invaluable distribution method for...read more

Create Positive Website Survey Experiences

Many online retailers and service providers use website exit surveys to measure how well their site meets visitor needs. It's critical to make sure any web site survey software doesn't negatively affect a customer's online experience. To improve the success of your website usability survey campaign,...read more
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