Saying Thank You

Which way did he go? This is an excellent question and one that is useful for guiding survey design. Where we elect to send people after they complete our survey is a matter that should not be taken lightly. In this case I believe it is important that we finish strong. In the Cvent online more

Tradeshows and the Voice of the Customer

As summer winds down and fall comes knocking there still are numerous tradeshows happening or on the near-horizon. These events are obvious candidates for sales and lead generation, but they can also be a cornerstone for voice of the customer efforts. There was a day when paper or postcard more

Choose your categories wisely

Choose your words wisely or so we have always been told. We could extend this thought to the market research world by saying choose your categories wisely. The categories we use in our questions directly impacts the quality of our survey data analysis.Nowhere is this more of an issue than in more

Customer Service Strategies: Going Above and Beyond

How many times have you had a customer service representative go way beyond expectation and give you really exemplary service? And of those, how many times did you extol the company to your friends and family, write a glowing review online, or simply vow to give that company as much of your more

Online Research is much Faster than Cold Calling

Every good sales person knows that the way to increased sales is to enage your prospect in conversation and ask questions.  But since there are few sales people in the world who will love cold calling, most are in search of a 'better' way of meeting and qualifying leads into prospects.  Enter more

Benchmarking for Fun and Fortune

Just what is a benchmark study anyway? A fine question you ask. Benchmarking is the process of establishing a metric and comparing it to other data points of reference. These studies are commonly used in both consumer and B2B marketing research.Benchmark studies are often used to track more

6 Survey Best Practices for Startups

In a previous post, entrepreneurs and marketers agreed that startups could benefit from surveying present and potential customers. The next logical question is:  What is the best way to go about conducting these surveys? Again, entrepreneurs and marketers graciously shared their insights via more

Can I be Confident in my Survey Results?

Can I be confident in my survey results? This is a question we will face many times as survey researchers. Unless we conduct a census, there will be a margin of error. My goal in this post, without going too deeply into the technical aspects of sampling, is to provide insight into the factors more

Validating Survey Results

In some form or manner we all seek validation for the work we do. Survey researchers are no different. It is common for our clients, both internal and external, to express skepticism when reviewing findings from survey data. This certainly has led many a researcher to question themselves and more

Three Ways to Promote your New Business on a Shoestring

There's an old adage in retail marketing that the three most important factors in marketing your new business are location, location and location. But the paradigm is shifting so that today, the social web makes it more cost-effective than ever to get the word out about your products and services, more
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