Every Picture Tells a Story

Far too often we as survey researchers rely on static tables for displaying the data we collect. Tables are not bad, when used in moderation, but have you ever read a report that was nothing more than a series of tables? Talk about cognitive overload. What’s the alternative you say? The strategic...read more

Yes, Freelancers, You Need to Survey Your Customers, Too

As a freelance writer, I have to work for a lot of different clients who have a wide variety of needs. So, it occurred to me one day that I might need to create a survey of my own to send out to past and present clients. Although I sometimes have editors, I don't have a supervisor or manager to give...read more

Customization: How a little time can go a long way

Expression of self and individualism are highly encouraged traits. How boring would life be if we were all the exact same? We here at Cvent feel that every client should be able to make his or her events and surveys as much an extension of themselves as possible. Not only does this make you, the...read more

Do You Need All That Data?

Do you need all the data you collect? Is every piece of it valuable and used? Or do you simply collect data and report on it just for the sake of doing it? Chances are, you don't need every piece of data you ever collected. A good example is website forms. Often I see forms that ask me for my fax...read more

Why Cvent for your next Customer Satisfaction Survey?

In these hard economic times, it is critical to recognize your customers’ needs and desires. The Cvent online customer feedback software application makes it extremely easy for you to survey customers and get this information quickly. The Cvent customer survey tool is ideal for those who want to...read more

CAN-SPAM Act Guidelines for Sending Email Marketing Messages

Whether it’s a customer loyalty survey or a health care satisfaction survey, you’re emailing to people. You need to make sure your email marketing messages are legal. People get so much spam in their email inboxes that the federal government actually made spam (meaning unsolicited email) illegal....read more

Reminder: New Cvent Web Survey Features Coming Soon

In response to client feedback and suggestions, and as part of our ongoing commitment to be the most comprehensive event management, marketing and web survey solution, we have exciting new features coming tonight. In order to update the application, Cvent will be unavailable starting at 9:00 PM US...read more

4 Reasons Why Online Surveying is the Most Effective Method

Surveys can provide an effective means for research, marketing and customer service. Unfortunately, survey forms typically take a considerable amount of time to create, distribute and collect. Online surveys solve the distributing and result collection problems. But, web surveys also offer the...read more

Sample Online Surveys: Think Outside the Boring, Blank Survey Template

We often get survey emails in our inboxes: retail surveys about a purchase we made online, restaurant questionnaires asking about dining experiences, hotel guest survey forms about a recent stay, we even get the B2B market research surveys looking to measure client satisfaction and customer loyalty....read more

Getting Started with Email & Survey Templates and the Response Library

Creating a web survey is easier said than done. You’d think it would be a piece of cake, until you sit down to start writing survey questions, and then you realize how many things there are to consider. Will people understand what I’m trying to ask? Are survey responses going to give me the data I...read more
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