A Recap of CX Week

  Bike to Work Day. Teacher Appreciation Week. American Heart Month. Lately, there is an observance for nearly every major cause and CX Week (May 11-15) is no exception. Every year in May, customer experience professionals from around the world unite to celebrate their love for customer experience –...read more

Making the Most of Your Training Initiatives

Employee learning (training and development) initiatives are no small piece of the pie when it comes to organization’s budgets. According to ATD’s 2013 States of the Industry report, organizations spent $164.2 billion on employee learning in 2012. Of this, 61% was spent internally. Training and...read more

A New School Year, A New Survey

As the school year begins – for college students, for high school students, and even for staff – it's a great time to see what people have to say about the beginning of the school year as well as the year to come.  Surveying your students and staff about beginning a new grade, new school or student...read more

Back to School

The season is indeed beginning its slow change from the heat and growth of summer to a slower more relaxed pace of fall. The harbinger of this change is the ubiquitous ‘Back to School’ mantra being sung by retailers across the land. As much as I like the concept of a strong retail sector, and retail...read more

End of Year Teacher Evaluation Forms: What Should You Ask?

If school has not already ended for you or your family, it probably will soon.  While teacher evaluations have become more commonplace these days, not all school administrations give teacher evaluations to their students and families.  If you have not created a teacher evaluation form and are part...read more

End of Year Academic Survey

As we round out the academic year, it's important for students to be able to provide feedback about their schools and institutions so educational administrators can improve the experience for the next class.  If you have not crafted an academic survey before, or even just want to make sure that you...read more

6 Survey Best Practices for Startups

In a previous post, entrepreneurs and marketers agreed that startups could benefit from surveying present and potential customers. The next logical question is:  What is the best way to go about conducting these surveys? Again, entrepreneurs and marketers graciously shared their insights via email...read more

Using Surveys for Teacher Evalutions

As school is fast approaching it is time to gear your kids up and have them thinking about class, books, and (of course) teachers. As education becomes increasingly competitive, on local, national and global levels, schools are becoming a bit more sophisticated about gathering information about...read more

Making the Hiring Process Collaborative: Las Vegas' Story

While I have discussed the importance of inviting customers into company brainstorms and displaying survey results for the public to see, I recently stumbled upon an article that covered an interesting technique in a survey in the Clark County School District in Las Vegas. In the school district's...read more

North Carolina Teacher Surveys Show Positive Attitudes

While many of my recent posts have cited nationwide examples of teacher surveys that show unhappy employees due to budget cuts and increasing class sizes, results from North Carolina schools show a very different picture. With more than 105,000 teachers completing the 100-question form, the mood...read more
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