End of Year Teacher Evaluation Forms: What Should You Ask?

If school has not already ended for you or your family, it probably will soon.  While teacher evaluations have become more commonplace these days, not all school administrations give teacher evaluations to their students and families.  If you have not created a teacher evaluation form and are part...read more

It's Time to Distribute Those Education Evaluation Forms

As the end of the school year approaches, teachers, students and administrators across America are celebrating three months away from the classroom. Before the celebration begins, school systems should realize that this is the prime time to gear up for an even better 2010 - 2011 calendar by...read more

Educational Surveying for a Younger Age Group

While we have discussed the importance of educational surveys in the collegiate environment, using questionnaire research to gather feedback about a school's performance can be just as valuable as early as elementary school.Many schools across the nation have already begun to conduct quantitative...read more

Course Evaluation Surveys: Ask for Feedback Later Too

After a course is over, do you follow up with students? Ask their opinion of the class six months later, a year later, two years later? Most of the time, the answer is no. The most we do is conduct a course evaluation survey at the end of the term. Typically, these teacher evaluation forms ask...read more

3 Things To Do When You Change Survey Scales

When you first start a survey program, whether it's a job evaluation and employee review form, an internal customer service survey or a public opinion poll, you have a lot of decisions to make. You need to select a survey method, survey system, sample size... And you have yet to write a question....read more

Make a Poll For Your Next Lecture

Surveys are used for academic purposes all the time. You probably jump to thinking about surveys being used for teacher evaluation forms and end of course evaluation surveys. However, teachers will build quizzes using online survey polling software tools. Using a quiz creator tool actually saves...read more

Student Surveys - Managing Education Evaluations Effectively

Most students these days have seen an education survey or completed a course evaluation or teacher evaluation form after a class, but are universities paying attention to what the results of the survey data collection means?Tuitions have skyrocketed, suggesting student satisfaction levels should...read more

Respond To Survey Feedback Quickly With Triggered Survey Email Alerts

Survey email alerts, also commonly referred to as triggered email alerts, are a must-have feature for online survey software. Why? So you can respond to customer or employee feedback from HR questionnaires to product evaluation to customer service surveys. Yesterday, I wrote a post on tips for...read more
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