Tips for Using Mail Surveys and Questionnaires

For certain surveys and certain groups, a direct mail questionnaire is a good option.  The best time to use this method of gathering data is when visual aids are required, and lengthy open-ended response are not.

For example, if you are conducting a survey for a cereal company about their packaging, you can send a sample package and the direct mail survey to a respondent pool. They can answer the survey at their own convenience.

How can you ensure that recipients will fill out the survey? There are several things you can do to guarantee a completed response:

1. Use a mail panel. Mail panels are pre-certified groups who are qualified to answer the product market research survey. They will be aware they are on the mail panel and expecting various survey opportunities to come their way.

2. Package the survey in an official way. Too often, mail surveys look like junk mail or don’t give the recipient a clue as to what might be contained within. Label the package properly and make it clear what’s inside.

3. Offer an incentive for completing the survey. The respondents need to feel like their time is valued. A simple gift card, coupon, or free product offer will do the trick nicely. Be up front about what they must do to receive it and avoid potential issues.
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