Still “Pretty in Pink?” What if Andie and Duckie Ended up Together?

It’s the stuff of Hollywood legend. The question posed in the title of this blog post is based on the fact that the original ending of “Pretty in Pink,” the seminal film from the 80’s, was changed. Yes, that iconic scene in the parking lot, when Molly Ringwald, after the now ubiquitous rom-com run, more

True or False: An Alternative to Likert Scale Survey Questions

As we have seen over the course of this blog and those by other writers, there is always more than one way to ask a question. Some of these methods are easier on the part of the survey respondent, while others although a bit more complicated yield richer results for our survey data analysis. When more

This Survey Will Self-Destruct in 60 Seconds

Some people take surveys right away because they like it. Taking surveys gives them an opportunity to share their opinions with the people who really matter. Others, who aren't so keen, tend to drag their feet, and as a result, miss out on a valuable opportunity to give feedback. Surveys are kind more

Would a Survey Have Saved Netflix From Backlash?

Most people know about Netflix's decision to raise its prices and the backlash that ensued. For those who might have missed it, Netflix announced on July 12, 2011 that it would no longer offer customers unlimited DVDs and video streaming for the single monthly price of $10. New customers will more

Yes, Freelancers, You Need to Survey Your Customers, Too

As a freelance writer, I have to work for a lot of different clients who have a wide variety of needs. So, it occurred to me one day that I might need to create a survey of my own to send out to past and present clients. Although I sometimes have editors, I don't have a supervisor or manager to more

Simple Ways to Improve the Quality of your Survey Project Continued

Keeping things simple, or parsimonious if you prefer, is a blessing to both the respondent and researcher. In questionnaire design, we are often faced with multiple ways to phrase a particular question. Closed-end, open-end, rating or ranking, single select or multiple response formats are all more

There's No Need to Swear, Surveys Aren't Going Anywhere

Social media continue to grow in popularity every day. But many would agree that there is little danger of social media's supplanting traditional surveys, though social media research advocates may feel differently. As useful and informative as social media research is, it's not nearly more

Even the Best Survey Software Can't Help

If you're conducting a one time survey, you probably aren't going to spend that much time looking for the best B2B market research survey tool. You'll probably just pick the cheapest one you can find. If you're never planning to run the survey again, don't care about how it represents your brand, more

Employers Sensitive to Employees' Family Needs, Reap Benefits in Productivity, Survey Says

Most American workers today are "married with children." Smart, sensitive companies realize that and are making an effort to accommodate those employees. In her article for Watertown, Family-friendly Firms Have More Productive Workers, Watertown Study Says, writer, Sarah Thomas, cites some of more

Building Surveys with Logic: Two Questions to Ask First

Cvent offers a smorgasbord of survey question logics within the online survey platform. From Advanced to Pipe, from Link to Branch, survey builders can really ensure that only relevant questions appear to each of their respondents. And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like answering questions more
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