How to Automatically Create CEU Completion Certificates

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. ~ Henry Ford Education is lifelong process! Just because we are finished with school doesn’t mean the learning stops. No matter our profession, many of us have to complete Continuing Education more

Maintaining Corporate Branding Just Got Easier

Who isn’t proud of showing off their colors? Thanks to one of the new enhancements, you now have the freedom to display your company colors for all to see. Cvent’s July enhancements now display controls for the graphical template that include the ability to further customize the cascading more

New Image Editor: One Stop for all your Graphic Needs

Is that new header image just not right? Are you tired of the constant tweaking and uploading to get your images perfect? Well worry no more, the new Cvent Image Editor allows you to upload, copy, and edit your images all in one place within your Cvent Web Surveys account!The image editor more

Employee Morale Survey - Reviews Aren't One Sided

In one of my recent posts, I explored the value of conducting employee training surveys to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your company's training program. While understanding how well you are preparing your workers for their responsibilities is crucial, checking to make sure they more

Make Your Survey Look Professional

In the online world, appearance can mean everything. We've discussed making your email invitation stand out in an earlier post, but giving your survey a dynamic appearance is just as crucial. When you conduct survey research, one of the keys to getting a high number of respondents is making more

Keep Your Trade Show Floor Crowded with Online Survey Feedback

As the economic climate changes the way companies operate, understanding how participants responded to your latest trade show is important in maintaining strong attendance numbers year after year. You can create a trade show survey to gauge attendees' opinions of your most recent event. more

Jazz up your Web Survey with a Graphical Template

We have all learned from an early age Don’t judge a book by its cover. It’s a phrase that has been ingrained in our minds, and I know we consciously try to abide by it: I’m standing at the grocery store debating the type of canned green beans to buy.  I am not on the edge of a momentous more

Getting Started with Email & Survey Templates and the Response Library

Creating a web survey is easier said than done. You’d think it would be a piece of cake, until you sit down to start writing survey questions, and then you realize how many things there are to consider. Will people understand what I’m trying to ask? Are survey responses going to give me the data more

Sneak Peak at our Web Survey Question Library

Last time we discussed in detail about the Graphical Survey Templates offered to Cvent Web Survey software users. Today, I wanted to share with you another marvelous feature available in Cvent’s online survey tool: Cvent Web Surveys Question Library. The question library is home to a list more

New to Survey Design? Use Pre-Created Survey Templates

Cvent offers a variety of Pre-Designed Survey Templates you can choose from for your first online web survey. These internet survey templates contain default questions, email, welcome and thank you text which you can utilize when designing a questionnaire. You can also choose from over 50 more
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