Matching Distributions with Quotas

Since very few of us have the option to conduct a census of our customers, prospects or panelists we need to rely on the sampling process. For most consumer and B2B market research studies, one of our goals is to provide data that mirrors the population(s) of interest along the lines of more

Measuring your confidence

Yes my friends we have entered the political silly season. With a month til the US presidential elections more money will be spent on advertising and on public opinion polls than any other time of the four-year political cycle. It is a good time to be in advertising or research. It is a sure more

Data in Two Dimensions

Online survey tools are excellent for capturing consumer and B2B marketing data, but the fun begins when we analyze the data. We can review questions individually or in combination to isolate patterns.Univariate frequencies look at responses to one question at a time. The tables below show more

North Carolina Teacher Surveys Show Positive Attitudes

While many of my recent posts have cited nationwide examples of teacher surveys that show unhappy employees due to budget cuts and increasing class sizes, results from North Carolina schools show a very different picture. With more than 105,000 teachers completing the 100-question form, the more

Survey Methodology: How, When and Where?

In a recent opinion editorial piece from the Sioux City Journal in Sioux City, South Dakota, the writer's comments reflect a very crucial need for the open and honest display of survey data. In response to the paper's article about the high level of parent satisfaction with the city's school system, more

What Works When Conducting a Lobby Survey

Many agencies are interested in conducting what are commonly known as on-site lobby surveys, named for the fact that most potential survey respondents are approached in the lobby of the building or apartment where they work or live. These types of surveys are used when we'd like information on more

Measuring Customer Satisfaction with ACSI

In some of our earlier discussions, we've begun talking about the Net Promoter Scale and how it can be used in survey research to gauge an organization's performance based on one simple question: How likely is it that you would recommend this company to a friend or colleague? NPS is not the more

3 Things To Do When You Change Survey Scales

When you first start a survey program, whether it's a job evaluation and employee review form, an internal customer service survey or a public opinion poll, you have a lot of decisions to make. You need to select a survey method, survey system, sample size... And you have yet to write a more

HTML vs. Text Email Invitations

You've written all your survey questions, finished determining sample size appropriate for your survey, crafted an email invitation. Now, you're finally ready to send your online feedback survey and start collecting your data! One decision still remains: do you send your survey email invitations more

Survey Report Tips: Writing the Executive Summary or Setting the Stage

Yesterday I gave you some tips for what to include in your next survey report. The first tip was Set the Stage. Of course this is meant to remind you that you cannot just launch into the survey responses and the data collection results but need to start at the beginning and walk down the more
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