Hotel Customer (and Staff) Feedback can be Hell

Filthy rooms, paint peeling from the walls, inedible food in the dirty restaurant, and an overall lack of accountability from leadership and staff. These are just a few of the wonderful surprises in store for world renowned chef Gordon Ramsay on his hit series, “Hotel Hell.” In it, Chef more

Redirecting Traffic Using the Reference IDs

Which way did he go? As professional market researchers we spend a great deal of time and energy focused on getting participation for our surveys, and ensuring they have a positive experience, all the while keeping our fingers crossed that meaningful data is collected. We also need to consider more

4 Easy Ways to Engage your Employees

Employees are a company’s most important asset, so it’s critical that they are happy, engaged and satisfied with their jobs. I’ve read a lot of articles recently about the benefits of engaged employees and some of the statistics I’ve come across have really drove home the importance of this more

Welcome to the Show

“Welcome to the show!” so the ringmaster said. We could also say welcome to the survey, and that would be the function of the welcome page in the Cvent online survey platform. The platform allows the researcher to create not only an invitation, but also a welcome and a thank you page. more

Redirecting Survey Respondents

Knowing where to direct respondents after completion is a critical task with several options available to the survey author. This takes on a higher level of importance if outside sample is being used. Our options are two-fold if we are using internal data for survey invitations. After more

Survey the Senior Population

Much of the change in the market research industry revolves around moving data collection online. Tools such as Cvent Web Surveys are excellent at collecting survey data interactively, yet they are also capable of producing easy to read print surveys. Why in this day of the internet would you more

Fear Not the DIY Movement

What keeps consumer and B2B marketing researchers awake at night? According to respondents who participated in the annual Quirk’s salary survey the DIY research trend presents a challenge to the value of the work professional researchers deliver. The do-it-yourself movement has been around for more

Why a Web Browser Survey is the Way to Go

Where do you place your web survey? As a call-out on your home page? As a pop-up on top of the page you are viewing? One of the best ways to execute your survey is as a web-browser survey. Here's why a web browser may be your best bet: It enables the customer to continue what they are doing and more

QR Codes: A Magic Wand for Online Research?

What's that squiggly square you see on real estate signs, billboards, magazine ads and even business cards these days? And what are you supposed to do with it?  Two questions that the majority of consumers have when they spot one. They're called "QR codes" and they're the latest trend to more

Do You Want Advertisers Monitoring Your Web Traffic?

Every day, it seems, marketers come up with new ways to reach out to potential customers. The latest method involves tracking consumers' web traffic. Consumers who disagree with this particular brand of market research are not alone.In much the same way that Facebook tailors ads on someone's more
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