5 Best Practices for Designing Mobile Surveys

When online surveys came on the scene for the first time in 1999, there was initial hesitation. Was online really going to replace phone and mail surveys? As online has become the norm over the last decade, we've learned there's still a place for multi-mode feedback collection. In fact, with social...read more

Maintaining Corporate Branding Just Got Easier

Who isn’t proud of showing off their colors? Thanks to one of the new enhancements, you now have the freedom to display your company colors for all to see. Cvent’s July enhancements now display controls for the graphical template that include the ability to further customize the cascading style...read more

Get to Know Event Attendees

Conducting survey research before and after meetings and conventions to collect valuable insights from participants is a good way to improve future events. However, often we struggle to get responses back from our post-event surveys. There is one area where you can be sure to increase survey...read more

Testing, Testing - 4 Things to Look for Before Sending

Whether you're preparing to send out your first survey or you've conducted survey research for years, sending a test survey to a small group is a crucial step. Remember, you may be conducting research with a list of thousands. Before you invite them to complete your survey, it's a good idea to have...read more

How Do I Create Online Customer Survey?

Most organizations want a customer perspective on product and services. Typically, you also want to know about customers' buying habits, their choices and preferences, likes and dislikes and overall customer satisfaction. A very easy way to gather all these opinions is through a customer survey....read more

One Survey Does Not Fit All

At Cvent, we designed our survey software services with one very important fact in mind: no client is the same. From clothing companies to banks, we acquired over 1,000 new clients in 2009 because our software makes building custom online surveys easy. Whether a client needs to craft a short set of...read more

Employee Morale Survey - Reviews Aren't One Sided

In one of my recent posts, I explored the value of conducting employee training surveys to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your company's training program. While understanding how well you are preparing your workers for their responsibilities is crucial, checking to make sure they are...read more

Using Customer Feedback Surveys to Grow Your Online Business

Surveying customers immediately after they make an online purchase is important. Collecting customer feedback after the checkout page can be much easier than sending personalized email survey invitations a few days later and hoping customers will open your email and complete your online feedback...read more

Do You Need All That Data?

Do you need all the data you collect? Is every piece of it valuable and used? Or do you simply collect data and report on it just for the sake of doing it? Chances are, you don't need every piece of data you ever collected. A good example is website forms. Often I see forms that ask me for my fax...read more

Easy Reporting - Scoring Your Surveys

Looking for an even easier method to gauge how well your organization is performing? With survey scoring, you can assign numerical responses to each answer to deliver an accurate picture of customer satisfaction.For this customer satisfaction example, we will consider an athletic facility conducting...read more
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