The New World: The Original Corporate Pivot

Happy Columbus Day! In honor of Christopher Columbus we're going to take a look at the first American business pivot. Christopher Columbus, subject of the hit nursery rhyme “In 1492 Columbus Sailed The Ocean Blue” is often hailed as a hero despite failing at his intended goal. The mariner more

Survey Reporting Tips

The primary reason to run surveys is to get the right information and insights from your respondents – the feedback that matters. Therefore, the most important part of your survey is the data you collect, and our goal is to ensure that you’re confident with that data, and can use it to more

One pole or two?

When we create a scale to measure consumer attitudes, be it for consumer or B2B marketing research, we have a choice in how we create the scale. One of the first questions to ask ourselves is how many poles should be used? By poles I mean how we specify the end points for the scale. The two more

It's all about the choices

Surveys, be they for consumer or B2B marketing research, are all about choices. Sometimes it is best to force the respondent to pick one choice, other times we as survey creators need to give the respondent more room to breathe. This in short means allowing them to select multiple options. more

Being Dynamic: 4 Ways to Improve the Respondent Experience

Making your survey dynamic is one of the easiest ways to engage the respondent and make his or her experience more memorable. Why is that critical to your success? Engaged respondents are more apt to provide robust opinions and make it through to complete the survey. After all, as market more

Letting Survey Respondents Down Gently

It is a fact that in market research, including consumer and B2B marketing research, not all survey participants will qualify. If your survey involves screening questions then even the best in-house list or panel provided sample will contain some potential participants that do not meet more

The Market Research Balancing Act

The choice is yours as the survey creator. How we phrase a question impacts our ability to gather feedback and conduct survey data analysis. I was reminded of this recently when looking at a question regarding annual spend per employee on training. There are two basic options we as survey more

This Survey Will Self-Destruct in 60 Seconds

Some people take surveys right away because they like it. Taking surveys gives them an opportunity to share their opinions with the people who really matter. Others, who aren't so keen, tend to drag their feet, and as a result, miss out on a valuable opportunity to give feedback. Surveys are kind more

Quick Polls (aka Very Short Surveys)

Public opinion polls have been a part of the research landscape for decades. The advent of online survey technology has streamlined the process, but in no way has diminished the need for these highly focused surveys. If anything, the move toward social media has opened up a new realm for our more

The Service Was Great. Your Survey On the Other Hand...

Sales receipts encouraging customers to call toll free phone numbers or visit web addresses to share their customer feedback are showing up more and more. Whether you had a good experience or a bad one, it's good to let the companies know. They say they value your business and want to do all more
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