What is Employee Engagement?

"Employee engagement," which has been alternatively termed "work/worker engagement," has been studied by many different organizations, including major non-profit associations and consulting companies. But what is employee engagement? And more importantly, should companies be mindful of it?

Employee engagement is a concept created within the school of business management. An employee or worker who is "engaged" can be defined as a person who is completely involved or invested in his or her work, and who is enthusiastic about it. This enthusiasm and engagement in turn furthers the organization's larger interests.

To help answer the question of whether companies should care about employee engagement, let's look at some research results on the issue. Studies on employees that qualified as being "engaged" reveal that regardless of U.S. location, employee setting or age, all survey respondents agreed that their direct relationship with their manager was the strongest of all their drivers to remain engaged in their day-to-day work activities.

According to the report, employee engagement should be considered by companies as being a big deal. There is evidence to back up the idea that higher levels of employee engagement can be directly associated with individual, group and organizational performance in areas such as retention, turnover, productivity, customer service and loyalty.

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