Today is Census Day!

Today has been dubbed Census Day. No longer just April Fool's Day for most, today is the day Americans are urged to fill out their census forms.

After the deadline passes the Federal Government and interested pollsters will have a better idea of whether or not a long anti-Census campaign being run by anti-government activists will have had any effect (and if so, how significant) on the participation rate.

(Note: As of March 31, 2010, the national participation rate for the 2010 census was 52%.)

The census has been subject to boycott efforts before 2010. Some boycotters argue that the Constitution mandated only a head count of the population, and that questions about things like family arrangements violate the privacy of the American people. While others say that the boycott could backfire by resulting in reduced federal financing and representation in Congress for pockets or groups of the country that don't complete and return the census.

Read the full article in about Census Day in The New York Times.

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