To Be or Not To Be...Blind That Is!

What is a blind survey? When should you be using a blind survey vs. a non-blind survey?

Well, a blind survey is one that hides the sponsor or product of interest from your survey takers, with the goal of reducing bias in responses. A non-blind survey is when you include your company or brand name on your questionnaire and the accompanying materials.

Now, a caveat to this would be customer satisfaction surveys, because it is by definition a non-blind survey. Satisfaction questionnaire participants need to know who or what they are being asked to rate.

But what about some other types of evaluations or questionnaires we want to create? Such as one trying to gauge people's behaviors or attitudes, what competitors they shop with, and what brands (other than yours) they use regularly? Should those types of surveys hide your customer brand from the respondents?

The only time to keep a survey blind is when you’re going to lose something by using a non-blind survey.  For example, if we would like to know how how we compare to another survey software company (and of course we want unbiased, honest feedback about something we offer in comparison to something offered by other web survey companies). You are trying to leverage the relationship the respondents have with you and you want them to feel that connection and brand recognition. Additionally, a non-blind survey may help boost your response rates because of the connection your clients feel with your company.

You've worked hard to build trust and longevity with your brand, so proudly display it when you ask participants to take your surveys!
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