Survey Tips for Effective Research

We want to ensure your survey experiences are easy and productive. Most of the time this means adding the little things to our already good survey in order to take it that extra mile and make it great! With that in mind, here are my most recent tips for effective online survey research and questionnaire design:

1. True/false question items should be just that: response options are ONLY true or false. It may be acceptable to add a "Don't Know" option for participants.

2. Bad information is worse than no information at all: taking the time and effort to craft a well-designed instrument will be the one tool that will help your research effort succeed.

3. By placing less questions on each on-line survey page, respondents use the Next button more frequently, recording more data for your analysis.

4. Always round numbers (e.g. 50% vs. 49.87%) when disseminating your data in reports, presentations or articles. It’s easier for clients and participants to do mental arithmetic on rounded numbers.

5. "Would you recommend our products to friends/family/colleagues/supervisors?" is an important question for any customer or member satisfaction survey. You can also tweak this item to use in organizational review efforts.

Keeping these easy to accomplish tips in mind when building your next survey will make your effort effortless!
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