Some Benefits of Online Research

Finding answers to your questions can be accomplished in a variety of ways. You could use qualitative methods such as focus groupsdyads or triads, phone surveys, in-person interviews, or paper surveys. Web based or online surveys are the most recent method for generating answers to our research needs.

Of course each method has its own benefits and drawbacks. Many people may ask themselves, Is an online survey the best method to answer my research questions? Here are five of the many benefits of using the web to conduct your research:

• Web based surveys offer less opportunity for human error through coding or processing of data errors

Asking sensitive questions becomes easier both for you and for your potential respondent to answer, since the anonymity of the internet increases the comfort level of participants, increasing the likelihood of more truthful data being collected

• Web based surveys allow you to add multimedia such as pictures and videos to help make your survey more visually interesting or help distinguish between options

• Services like Cvent's online survey suite can provide different ways to remind participants they still need to respond to a survey or complete a partially started survey

• Web based surveys have different ways of using survey question logic to enhance the survey respondent experience, by allowing them to skip question items that don't apply to them or preventing incorrect data from being entered accidentally
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