Rethinking Evaluation Forms for Employee Reviews

Not many of us enjoy our annual job performance reviews. Unfortunately, the time of year is upon most of us when we sit down with supervisors and review our work from the past year. There are some things managers can do to make employment review forms more energizing for both your employees and yourself:

1. Reframe how you and your employees view employee performance evaluations. Think of performance reviews as a time to reinvigorate your employees. View them as an investment, not a chore. Create your employee evaluation form templates with this idea in mind.

2. Focus on strengths, but don’t ignore weaknesses.
A manager’s role is to help employees improve workplace performance and continue to grow and develop in their jobs. But it’s also a supervisor's role to recognize what employees are good at and how they can use their strengths even more. When creating job performance review forms, put the employees strength areas first, then put the areas that need improvement after. Start off on a positive note.

3. Set challenging and specific goals that are both short and long term. When we set difficult goals our maximum effort kicks in. "Challenging goals facilitate pride in accomplishment," says goals researcher Gary Latham. Studies have shown that setting challenging goals explains why some people perform better than others. Everyone likes a reason to get up in the morning and go to work to tackle that really exciting project!

Just like educators, supervisors have more influence than perhaps they realize over how well their employees perform. Turn this year’s performance reviews into an energy-producing experience. Apply some of these techniques when creating your own performance reviews.
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