Online Surveys: Are They the Right Tool for Your Internet Research?

By now most of us know about the many benefits of online/electronic surveys. Some of the major benefits that come to mind include: Access to a possible world-wide population, negligible distribution costs, data is automatically analyzed or exported to other databases with ease, pre-programming the question order, easily trackable response rates (or choose anonymous responses), automatic reminders, thank you's, and auto-close dates. Additionally there are great perks such as spell checkers, and built-in math calculations.  

Some less well-known benefits that make online instant surveys even more desirable include: adding "help buttons" or links that can provide your respondents with additional explanations, designing surveys that are easily pilot tested, progress bars for respondents, required questions, validation (only "acceptable" answers are allowed), branching, piping and skipping patterns. 

We can already see the many benefits to online web surveys without writing out an exhaustive list. However, here are some considerations to keep in mind before committing yourself to an online survey design: Do you have a survey form software tool that can keep up with advancing technology? That is, does your instant survey software have the ability to include all the features mentioned above and more, such as importing pre-written questions to save time? Does your survey company's software have a "back-up survey" policy in case of technical glitches? Are your surveys hosted on secure URLs to provide respondents with confidence in your electronic survey? Can you customize your online survey form with your own brand? 

Whether you'd prefer paper questionnaires or online survey forms to for quality data collection, Cvent can assist with both. Check out all the useful info that's covered in Cvent's online data collection blogs, or sign up for a free webinar to learn more survey best practices.
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