Not So Serious Surveying!

Not so serious!When we ask our clients to take a survey, we are asking them to do us a favor. They don't HAVE to complete the survey, we WANT them to complet it; and in doing so provide us with information that ultimately, will enhance our organization.

So, when we write questionnaire items, we don't necessarily have to make them dry and boring. We want our web survey forms to keep our participants engaged, so making the survey questions entertaining, and not so serious is one way to ensure survey respondents answer all our questions. Engaging surveys questionnaires will increase the likelihood participants will take the next survey we invite them to participate in! Surveying can be fun and informative at the same time.

You can make your marketing survey more fun by "shaking up the format" of your questionnaires and online polls. This is another great way Cvent can help you with your web survey. With 20 different question types, you can make boring multiple choice questions more exciting by changing them into HTML formatted fonts or image choices. Using our rank order item type will keep participants thinking about each question item throughout the length of your marketing research survey. By using a variety of question types, you’ll keep your users engaged and willing to answer more of your questions!
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