Manners in a Modern World: The "Thank You" Note

Within the survey research process, a "Thank You" note is something that is sent a few days to a week after a questionnaire is sent out to your clients. This mailing expresses appreciation for responding and indicates that, if the client survey has not yet been completed, it is hoped it will be soon.

The postcard or email survey "thank you" note is not written in order to overcome respondent doubts or fears about taking the survey, rather, it is meant to jog memories and help re-arrange priorities, bringing your potentially forgotten survey back to the top of potential respondent's "To-Do" pile.

If timely and appropriately worded, the postcard "Thank you" note can arrive just in time to make an appeal that engenders a sense of importance about survey participation, without crossing the line into sounding impatient.

When possible, attempt to have your "Thank you" note be as different as possible from your original survey invitation request for participation letter. The goal is to create a stand-out piece of paper or electronic mail that contrasts with others, creating new stimuli for your potential respondent.

Utilizing these survey tips in conjunction with adding a "Thank You" note to your survey project outline are just some of the ways you can ensure your products are recognized as standing out from the crowd, especially in this all-too-hectic world.
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