Good Online Survey Research: 5 Tips and Tricks

Having as many tools in your market and survey research toolbox is a great way to make a survey effort go smoothly. In addition to our past survey research tips, here are some more tricks to think about before planning your next questionnaire! Utilizing some or all of these ideas the next time you work on a web survey will ensure your results are more timely and relevant to your true data needs.

1. If you have a company blog that your customers can subscribe to and read, blog your survey results! By sharing key insights and decisions you've made based on your research results, you will be showing your clients that you value their feedback and are taking action based on what they are telling you!

2. If you need to determine if change is happening to the same population over time, be sure to use the same question item (including numbered scale and question wording) that was used in the first survey effort in order to accurately compare results.

3. Regularly surveying your employees can help reveal where your company's resources are being utilized, helping to reduce redundancies and provide consistency for your employees.

4. Avoid language pitfalls in your surveys by keeping your question wording simple and straightforward, between a 6th and 8th grade reading level is often ideal for most survey instruments.

5. Document, document, document your survey methodology! How else will others know the "who, what, when, where, why and how" of your results? Additionally, in many sectors complete documentation of survey procedures is standard policy.
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