Flipping the Coin: Looking at the Other Side of Customer Service

A recent article revealing the results of a survey conducted by The E.W.Scripts Company and Angie’s List, the nation’s leading consumer ratings service, revealed some surprising, and maybe some not-so-surprising results. Data collected covered what the folks on the other side of the phone think about customer satisfaction. It seems that customer service  can be looked at as a two-way street. Just as consumers don’t like it when they call for help and don’t get a return call, companies don’t like it when they invest a lot of time to provide an estimate and never hear that their bid hasn't’t been accepted. The majority of the companies who responded to the survey said they expect to hear from a customer after giving an estimate whether they want to move forward or not. 

Perhaps less surprising was data indicating that two-thirds of the companies prefer to be called for service first thing in the morning, as opposed to evening and weekend calls. Thankfully for most of us, afternoon calls for customer service were also termed "reasonable."

Nearly 1,400 companies across the country responded to the survey, and it should be noted that while responses are representative of service providers rated on Angie’s List, they are not representative of the general public.
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