Empowerment in the Workplace

Enhancing employee performance can be accomplished in many ways. Below are some thoughts on how making your employees feel more empowered might be one way to get more work accomplished.

Empowerment can be a tricky concept with more than one definition or dimension. These are some different facets that can define what empowerment is made up of:
1. It can mean the value of a work goal or purpose, judged in relation to one’s own ideals or standards. Does your companies mission mesh with the internal mission of your staff?

2. It can also mean competence or an individual’s belief in their capability to perform activities with dexterity and correctness.

3. It can mean autonomy for your employees or a sense of having a choice in what they work on or (sometimes) what they don't work on in their day-to-day activities

4. It can also mean having an impact on their work environment. The degree to which an individual can influence strategic, administrative or operating outcomes at their place of work. Feeling like your employees are making a difference CAN make a difference!
Additionally, the empowerment points below can don't have to be used by managers alone. They can be used as pointers for leaders, managers, supervisors and staff employees alike. The two main ideas to remember when trying to use empowerment to enhance employee performance include:

1. Help your employees increase their levels of empowerment at work by helping them increase their positive outlook towards their job. Utilizing employee morale questionnaires can help determine if your efforts are in this area are effective.

2. Direct your efforts into creating staff leaders, whose leadership style can affect other employees’ levels of empowerment and performance.
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