Effective Survey Research Tips

Here are the most recent online survey tips to keep in mind when creating questionnaires or conducting survey research!

1. Improve relationships with customers and survey participants by responding promptly to their communications – particularly if a respondent takes the time to email you about a specific issue. A current survey participant could be a future survey participant!

2. Share research findings with participants! Studies have shown 50% of panel respondents welcome the opportunity to view the survey report they participated in.

3. Clearly outline to your goals in your email survey invitation, that way when a participants clicks on the survey location link, they will be consenting to participate in your survey.

4. Create a post-event follow-up survey to gather feedback about webinars or podcasts that can be sent to immediately upon event completion!

5.  Monitor your survey results closely for the first few hours to identify any issues not picked up during pre-testing, such as errors in survey logic programming, or participants not being able to open the survey page.
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