Creating Good Templates for Market Survey Research

The key to creating well crafted and re-usable template market surveys is easy: KISS. That means Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Once you have defined the purpose of the survey, develop your questions using the outline as a guide. Create a simple online survey form. Then follow these simple online survey tips to create your market survey template:

• Utilize multiple-choice or yes/no questions as much as possible, but always remember to leave an area at the end of the survey for participants to leave free-form thoughts about your product or service.  Keep in mind how you need to analyze the data: a large number of open-ended questions can eat up a lot of time categorizing and analyzing (Quick tip: Read this post about how to analyze survey data from open ended questions quickly).

• Have respondents answer the questions in random order to prevent against bias in your results.

• Make your written survey easy to read. Double- or triple-space the text. This will be especially beneficial for certain populations taking your survey. With paper surveys, use broad, white margins on the top, bottom and sides - this makes for a clean, professional survey. 

• Identify who should fill out your survey. Figure out the demographics you want and the population you would like to target. Don't become a victim of scope creep by asking people who are not in your target population to participate in your research.

• And finally, but perhaps the most important, give your respondents time to answer. Don't rush them, or answer questions for them. Pre-populating your survey with some past participant answers can be a nice touch, and help prevent against survey abandonment. We recommend only pre-populating things such as contact information and purchase history and make sure you allow the survey respondent to edit this information. 
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