Common Mistakes with Marketing Surveys - Problem #1

In the last few months I've received about 4-5 different interactive surveys asking me about my experiences with these common activities:

• Subscribing to a gaming website
• Contacting a PC's customer support service
• Purchasing a new car
• Getting a refund for concert tickets bought online

Problem #1 with all the interest surveys I received was none of the survey invitation emails came from an email addresses I recognized. In addition to not coming from a recognizable email address (read more about these online survey best practices for email invitations), none of the satisfaction surveys were hosted on a domain name I recognized either. This reflects poorly on these brands and probably causes most of your potential participants to delete the survey email, thinking its "spam." Both of these problems are easy fixes. You should have the ability to control everything about the email, from the from name to the subject line to the actual email content. In addition, you can customize your survey link.

You spend alot of money on your company's brand, so when the time comes to collect customer feedback, your questionnaire email address and site location should promote your company’s brand and assure the participant that they are taking a survey from a credible source and are in the right place. Placing your market service survey on a secure web domain will make your customers feel safe, and secure. This in turn will allow them to be honest, forthright and vocal in the feedback they submit about your brand, company, and your product and customer service.

If you’re looking for long-term recurring revenue from your customers, and you're looking for those same customers to come back on a consistent basis, then you should be very interested in their feedback.

Market service surveys can be one of your first chances to reach your customers and ask them to provide feedback.

Next time we'll look at another common market survey service problem and how it can be solved.
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