Common Mistakes with Marketing Surveys (Part II)

Last week, we looked at one common problem with marketing surveys and how it can be solved through sending your surveys from email addresses or websites that are recognizable to your audience. 

Lets now take a look at more ways to ensure your customers receive good survey market service every time. The answer to good market survey service may seem obvious. Yet, few, if any, market researchers utilize any of the suggestions below; all of which have proven to be effective in increasing participation in market surveys.

Good market survey service can include:

• Notifying the desired participant ahead of time that they will be receiving an opportunity to give feedback
• Sending a notification and the link to the survey location from an email address with a domain that is brand recognizable to your customer
• Housing your questionnaire at a domain location that is also brand recognizable to your customers (has your brand logo prominently displayed)
• Making sure the questionnaire gives participants the opportunity to leave free-form comments (as opposed to only forced-choice options)

Of the 4-5 surveys I talked about participating in in the past few months, only one of the companies sponsoring the feedback survey form took advantage of all 4 points towards good market survey service.
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