Cell Phones Out Number Traditional Landlines

Cell PhoneA recent article in the Sun Sentinel highlights something we have all seen coming for a long time, the day when cell phones would outnumber traditional landlines.

One of the many things affected by the number of cell phone contracts increasing and the number of households paying for a landline decreasing is that its becoming harder and harder for pollsters to get accurate results based on landline sampling alone. Today more than 1/5 of Americans live in wireless-only households -- additionally almost half of Americans ages 25 to 29 living without landlines.

What does this mean for you and me? That as the 2010 political season starts to get underway there's a growing chance you'll be called by a political pollster. More and more pollsters are starting to call cell phone numbers, asking questions about issues, political candidates and for whom you're planning to vote. It's important to keep in mind that cell phone companies include incoming calls as part of most people's used monthly minutes.

Typically, the public sentiment has been strongly against such polling tactics because they don't view their mobile devices as a method people should be bothering them. If you're thinking of conducting a telephone survey versus an online or paper survey method, it's important to keep these in mind. Landlines no longer produce a representative sample across the entire population, so if you decide to use a telephone survey method be sure to consider the implications of that particular survey sampling method.

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