5 Survey Tips

Having as many survey tips and tricks available to you can help you get the most from your next survey research project. In addition to our previous survey best practice tips, here are 5 more:

• Customize your survey – Choose a survey template design and customize it further to match your organizations branding 

• When your survey is complete and closed and all responses are in, sending a follow-up email thanking participants for their input will ensure you maintain a relationship with your respondents!

• The closer the relationship between you and potential survey respondents (e.g. your own employees or long-time clients) the less impact mandatory question’s have on your survey abandon rates

• Remember to avoid influencing respondents by using neutral question language in your survey construction – in other words avoid asking leading and loaded questions

• Try using positive survey language in your email invitations and avoiding language such as “must” or “hurry now”
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