5 (More) Tips for Effective Surveys

Putting all the survey pieces together to created effective questionnaires can be a time consuming endeavor. Having as many online survey tips in your back pocket can help you get the most from your next survey research project. In addition to last week's 5 surveying tips, here are 5 more.

• If a question is getting long, it may need to broken up into two or more questions

• Let survey respondents know that that they are part of a select group invited to participate. Make them feel special!

Monitor the live results as your survey progresses through your respondents emailed and phone call questions, it will help you spot any problems that didn’t appear during testing

• When using a satisfaction survey scale be sure to associate a descriptive label to each of the numbers so each has a clear value associated with it

• Be sure to have someone else review your questionnaire before its sent to participants. Something may appear to make perfect sense to you, but another person may have a different perspective
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