4 Types of Web Based Employee Surveys

Surveying your employees is an important and popular idea that organizations use to solicit feedback, sometimes through indirect means.

Different types of employee surveying can be useful in different ways. For instance, employee opinion surveys can be morale-boosting for staff who may not have other avenues to confidentially or anonymously state their views. Attitude surveys may provide improvement to productivity and commitment by identifying the root of workplace attitudes amongst employees. Satisfaction surveys allow for increased job satisfaction and loyalty through possible increased targeting these areas. Meanwhile engagement surveys measure the extent to which employees are passionate about their work and enthusiastic about their company their peers. Finally, employees leaving the organization can provide valuable feedback through employee exit interviews.

Web based employee surveys covering satisfaction, opinions, attitudes, engagement, organizational issues or exit interviews can all be used to effectively measure and improve employee performance and possibly decrease turnover within a company.  A web based employee survey, if used in a timely and effective manner, may provide improved profitability and organizational performance by identifying and analyzing some potential areas for development, as well as identifying the causes of your employee's behavior.

It is important to remember that clear and prompt feedback be given to the employee after such assessments are conducted. Expressing to your employees how the results of the data will be used will go a long way towards ensuring your staff continue to be receptive and enthusiastic about your web based employee surveys into the foreseeable future.  

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