Hotel Customer (and Staff) Feedback can be Hell

Filthy rooms, paint peeling from the walls, inedible food in the dirty restaurant, and an overall lack of accountability from leadership and staff. These are just a few of the wonderful surprises in store for world renowned chef Gordon Ramsay on his hit series, “Hotel Hell.” In it, Chef more

Building a research community

Building community is an integral component of a successful life. Such is definitely the case when considering ways to capture and leverage input from customers, prospects, donors or just about any other group of interest. Online survey platforms, at least the lower end of the market, were great more

Employee Engagement Fireworks: Why Cvent Employees #RedWhiteandBleedBlue

As our nation commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on the Fourth of July, people across the U.S. will show their patriotism by fervently taking part in customary American celebrations like going to baseball games, watching fireworks, throwing backyard barbeques and more

Checking in on Culturally Sensitive Topics

In the course of survey research several topics have developed a reputation for being ‘sensitive’. In short this means the topical areas are perceived to be just short of off limits by the culture we live in. Examples include cultural diversity, recreational drug use, sexual activity, alcohol use, more

Surprising and Delighting

To surprise and delight should be the goal of all marketers. As a philosophy it is bound to increase customer satisfaction and ultimately lead to increased customer retention and quite potentially enhanced profitability. I had such an experience at the grocery store recently. After agonizing more

Whom to Invite to the Party?

Panels represent opinions waiting to be shared. The question of the day is who do we want to invite to the party? If your goal for 2012 is to create, manage and leverage a survey panel then careful thought needs to be given to deciding whose opinions are worth surveying. If you are involved in more

Key Questions in B2B Market Research

Survey development for consumer and B2B marketing shares a great deal of similarity. However, there are different constructs of importance for those in business to business marketing. This first in a series of posts will examine three areas of primary interest for the B2B marketer more

Net Promoter Score Survey Tip: Don't Ignore the Passives

Like it or not the Net Promoter Score (NPS) is around to stay. Consumer and B2B marketing researchers have argued that single-item measures such as NPS leave much to be desired from a reliability and validity point. On the other hand, executives like it because they can understand it without more

5 Reasons Customer Satisfaction Surveys Stink

The sad truth is many satisfaction surveys are a waste of time. At best, they provide lip service to a best-practice ideal and at worst they provide misleading data that could lead your business astray. Make sure you flush these five main culprits out of the shadows on your quest for happy more

Win/Loss and Customer Retention Surveys

We win some, lose some and some are just rained out. This baseball analogy is applicable to marketing as well, as marketers today are being pressed to justify their spending habits across acquisition, retention, and brand development categories.The answers to why we win or lose a deal can be more
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