Collecting Employee Feedback that Matters: How Are You Doing?

According to a recent study by AON Hewitt & Mercer, 50% of employees characterize themselves as passively engaged or actively disengaged. Additionally, one disengaged employee can drain $10,000 from your company’s bottom line annually. These statistics are alarming! And because of this, more

5 Benefits of Online Employee Surveys to Improve Your Small Business

Not long ago, I learned some startling statistics: The loyalty of employees who work for small businesses has dropped by almost 20% since 2008, and currently stands at a paltry 50%. Although I have never experienced any serious turnover in my own venture, I decided to take preemptive action more

20 Most Popular Posts of 2012

While we highlight the most popular posts from a given month in our newsletter, one of my favorite activities is to look back and see what posts were the most popular overall each year. Keeping with tradition, here's a look back across the 20 most popular posts of 2012!   Customer Loyalty Month: more

Friends, Followers, Posts and Learning?

Are you, or have you considered using the likes of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other social media platforms as a part of your organization’s learning strategies?  If you said “Yes!” congratulations!  You’ve joined the next generation of learning! If you are not yet on more

Hotel Personnel Evaluation Forms

If you want to see how well your hotel personnel is performing and do not want to use a typical hotel survey, then try using a hotel peronnel evaluation form to assess your staff.  Using surveys or market research to assess your varied hotel staff is a great, unique way to see how integrated more

Before. During. After. Does Your Training Have What it Takes to Cross the Finish Line Strong?

What’s your role BEFORE you go to training? What about your Manager’s role? Does your Trainer have a role? What about DURING training and AFTER training? Which phase and role is most important to ensuring training transfers to the job?Think you’ve got it figured out? My guess is that most more

3 Steps to Improve Personnel Evaluation Scores

If your personnel evaluations show your employees could be happier, you are probably one of a majority of companies. Politics, work load, and lack of appreciation from colleagues are just a few reasons that typically show up on personnel evaluation forms that explain why employees are not as more

Using Training Surveys to Gauge Staff Skills and Satisfaction

Staff training may be an essential aspect of your business, especially if you have a sales team or field force. In order to understand what kind and how intense your staff training has to be, it is best to use training surveys. Training surveys allow you to see what the knowledge base is of more

The Perils of Peer Evaluations

People tend to dislike peer evaluations for the same reason they dread annual employee appraisals with their bosses: Nobody likes to be judged. And sometimes, no matter how fair the assessments may be, if they aren't 100% positive, some employees will perceive them as personal attacks. If they' more

Employee Surveys: Fix Problems Before It's Too Late

A recent survey of public safety employees in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina reveals the importance of employee surveys to avoid issues of low morale, low worker satisfaction and fear of job security. After a public scandal and the firing of the former director of the city's public more
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