Hotel Personnel Evaluation Forms

If you want to see how well your hotel personnel is performing and do not want to use a typical hotel survey, then try using a hotel peronnel evaluation form to assess your staff.  Using surveys or market research to assess your varied hotel staff is a great, unique way to see how integrated more

3 Steps to Improve Personnel Evaluation Scores

If your personnel evaluations show your employees could be happier, you are probably one of a majority of companies. Politics, work load, and lack of appreciation from colleagues are just a few reasons that typically show up on personnel evaluation forms that explain why employees are not as more

The Workplace Question: How to Evaluate Staff Performance

For many managers and owners, figuring out how to evaluate staff performance can be a very challenging task. Depending on the size of the business and how closely workers interact with their managers on a daily basis, staff evaluations can make for an uncomfortable work environment. However, more

7 Survey Don'ts for Collecting Feedback

There is a wealth of best practices we should all keep in mind with creating and designing questionnaires. But sometimes, we forget a few while writing satisfaction survey questions. Here are seven common survey mistakes that apply to training evaluation forms, employee engagement surveys, more

The Benefits of Web Surveys for Non-Profits

It’s a challenging environment for non-profits right now. Organizations are re-evaluating their financial decisions, calling upon more volunteers for support and working harder than ever for their sponsorship dollars. Smart investments can pay off, however, and a little research goes a long way more

Educational Surveying for a Younger Age Group

While we have discussed the importance of educational surveys in the collegiate environment, using questionnaire research to gather feedback about a school's performance can be just as valuable as early as elementary school.Many schools across the nation have already begun to conduct more

Writing Employee Evaluations

Creating an evaluative tool to measure an employee's performance can be a daunting task for even the most experienced managers. Here are some survey design tips to help you create effective performance evaluation materials that will be meaningful for both supervisors and supervisees: 1) Use more

Online Survey Best Practices for Event Surveys (Part I)

A recent article in Meetings & Conventions Magazine caught my attention this month: Survey Science, How to Craft more Effective Attendee Evaluations. Meeting planners are usually not survey experts, their expertise lay in planning and executing events, not crafting flawless survey more

Use Customer Service Feedback for Employee Assessments

Every organization should ask themselves What is good customer service? and create their own definition for good customer service based on the answer they come up with. Giving customers the opportunity to provide feedback on their customer experience is one way to improve customer service quality, more

Get Started on your Survey Project with Cvent Survey Templates

When it comes to losing weight or saving more money, one of the most daunting aspects is simply wrapping your head around where to start. With hundreds of books and celebrity “experts,” it’s easy to feel overwhelmed before you even begin. Administering, writing and creating survey questionnaires more
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