Sneak Peak at our Web Survey Question Library

Last time we discussed in detail about the Graphical Survey Templates offered to Cvent Web Survey software users. Today, I wanted to share with you another marvelous feature available in Cvent’s online survey tool: Cvent Web Surveys Question Library. The question library is home to a list more

6 Easy Steps on How to Create Customer Surveys

Many people ask the question How do I create a customer survey? The basic steps are the same no matter what type of client survey you're writing: customer satisfaction, global market research, product development surveys, etc.Step 1: Sit down and figure out what the goal of the survey is. Are more

Online Survey Question Logic Explained: Branch vs. Advanced

I've been asked a lot recently what's the difference is between Cvent Web Surveys branch logic and our advanced survey logic features. I can definitely see where various types of survey question logic can get confusing. Hopefully this post will eliminate the confusion! When you're creating an more

Websites Rank At Top Of Marketer Lists So Why Aren't You Conducting Website Usability Surveys?

One type of online survey questionnaire we don't talk about a lot is website marketing research and web usability surveys for your web pages. Often times we narrow in on market surveys, customer surveys and employee surveys leaving out a wide range of other types of surveys. Web site survey more

Do Judge a Survey by Its Cover

The person who coined the phrase "Looks don’t matter" probably never tried their hand at surveying. We’ve stated at least a few times in the past that the visual appeal factor has a definite impact on survey response rates. However, there are other very compelling benefits to making your more
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