Measuring Employee Performance

In an earlier post, we discussed the value of finding employee evaluation software to make performance reviews more comfortable for both parties. While a manager's unbiased thoughts are the center of employee reviews, there is another very strong opinion that can contribute to this conversation: more

Questions, Questions, Questions

How many questions should I ask? What should I be asking? What format should I use? These are all important questions to consider when developing a survey, however, there is no definitive answer.  Bottom line, what matters is your objective.  What data are you looking for, and what are you more

Rethinking Evaluation Forms for Employee Reviews

Not many of us enjoy our annual job performance reviews. Unfortunately, the time of year is upon most of us when we sit down with supervisors and review our work from the past year. There are some things managers can do to make employment review forms more energizing for both your employees more

Progress Bars in Online Surveys: The Good.. The Bad.. The Ugly

People argue for and against using progress bars in online surveys all the time. Personally, I think the length of the survey determines whether a progress bar is a good idea. I should point out here, length of the survey means total questions, not just the longest possible path a respondent more
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