To Brand or Not to Brand (Your Survey)

To brand or not to brand is the question. Market researchers face this with every survey they release. Should they design the survey with corporate approved colors and logos or should they go plain Jane and avoid the design elements? There are good reasons for both. The advent of online more

Sticking to your Intentions

What are your intentions? In today’s fast paced world it is all too easy to fall into the trap of marching forward without taking time to consider the direction we need to go. Market researchers are certainly not immune to the “hurry up and get it done yesterday” demands of the market. I am not more

How to Automatically Create CEU Completion Certificates

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. ~ Henry Ford Education is lifelong process! Just because we are finished with school doesn’t mean the learning stops. No matter our profession, many of us have to complete Continuing Education more

New Cvent Features Arrive Tonight

Tonight's a big night for our technology team. Around 9pm tonight, Cvent will be unavailable as the team works to successfully bring months of coding and testing of new features live to customer web survey, event management and Supplier Network accounts. Cvent should be back up and running on more

Coming Soon: New Features & Enhancements to Cvent

Cvent is excited to announce our upcoming July 2011 release! Guided by the suggestions and feedback of our clients, this release includes great new features for our web survey and enterprise feedback management solution, online registration and event management software, and the Cvent more

Bulk Up: Question Import

There are many ways to get your questions established in a survey design. First, there are the pre-established templates which can be used and modified to suit your needs. Alternatively, you can author questions from scratch. A third method is to import the questions in bulk. This method more

5 Ways to Boost Post-Event Survey Responses

If you play a roll in events at your organization, you know how much work goes in to putting on a successful event - from conference to seminar to breakfast. You also know that people expect this year's event to blow away last years event, and next year's event to blow away this year's event. It's more

Improving Your Next Survey with 10 Easy Tips

When we're working on a survey project, we don't always need to become survey experts. Often we just want to know the essentials and move on instead of spending hours reading online survey best practices. If you keep these 10 tips in mind when working on your next survey, you'll be well on your more

Short Question Sets with Detailed Questions

We've discussed the importance of keeping your online surveys short. You don't want to try to force respondents to dedicate a large portion of their time to completing answers. With too many questions, you will struggle with abandoned surveys and inaccurate results from respondents who simply more

Throw the Kitchen Sink Out of Your Survey Design

One of the most important considerations when you’re creating an online survey is to make sure you are clear on what the objective of the survey is. The questions you ask should directly relate to the problem you are trying to solve. Often research gets designed with "kitchen sink" questions more
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