New York School Survey: An Example of Education Evaluation at Its Finest

In New York, the Department of Education takes a proactive approach to making improvements to the city's school system with an annual school survey that asks teachers, parents and students between grades 6 and 12 to evaluate the school environment and how well the school is facilitating more

Create A Better Curriculum with Course Evaluation Surveys

For academic departments across the country, one question always persists: how can we make our course offerings better for our students? In order to consistently provide educational materials in a comfortable and productive environment, using course evaluation forms can be one of the most more

Combination Web & Postal Survey Best for Measuring Student Health Behaviors

Studies have shown that higher education students respond better to web surveys than other population groups. Researchers in Hungary recently tested the effectiveness of web surveys for determining students’ mental health and health behavior. According to Ilona Balajti of the University of more

Online Survey Best Practices: Please Select All That Apply

Multiple select question types is one of the most commonly used items in survey questionnaires. But like any question type, there are several online survey best practices that go along with the multiple select (or Select all that apply) question type. • Always include a None option as an more

Creating Effective Educational Survey Questions

In our last discussion, we learned about why surveying students is important to colleges and universities. To some degree universities are similar to businesses, keeping students happy is just as important as quality customer service.Using the Likert Scale to Collect Feedback While you can more

Course Evaluation Surveys: Ask for Feedback Later Too

After a course is over, do you follow up with students? Ask their opinion of the class six months later, a year later, two years later? Most of the time, the answer is no. The most we do is conduct a course evaluation survey at the end of the term. Typically, these teacher evaluation forms more

Make a Poll For Your Next Lecture

Surveys are used for academic purposes all the time. You probably jump to thinking about surveys being used for teacher evaluation forms and end of course evaluation surveys. However, teachers will build quizzes using online survey polling software tools. Using a quiz creator tool actually more

Respond To Survey Feedback Quickly With Triggered Survey Email Alerts

Survey email alerts, also commonly referred to as triggered email alerts, are a must-have feature for online survey software. Why? So you can respond to customer or employee feedback from HR questionnaires to product evaluation to customer service surveys. Yesterday, I wrote a post on tips more
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