Survey Research Rant: Poorly Writen Survey Questions

I hate taking surveys with flawed survey questions. It's not very obvious, but take a look at the two questions below from a recent industry survey. Bad Sample Survey Questions None of the questions in the survey were required, so how will the survey analyst know whether a question was skipped or more

Post Event Surveys: Sample Questions that Gauge Impact

If you plan events, trade shows, conferences or seminars for a living, you already know the importance of feedback. After all, feedback is the only way of learning about your target market’s needs and expectations so that you can create marketing plans that guarantee future success. Online more

5 Ways to Boost Post-Event Survey Responses

If you play a roll in events at your organization, you know how much work goes in to putting on a successful event - from conference to seminar to breakfast. You also know that people expect this year's event to blow away last years event, and next year's event to blow away this year's event. It's more

Are You Educating Your Seminar Attendees?

While many trade shows and conferences include seminar learning opportunities for attendees, all too often these classes and seminars take a back seat to the selling and networking aspects of the event. If you are in charge of arranging the schedule at your association's next conference, be more

Get to Know Event Attendees

Conducting survey research before and after meetings and conventions to collect valuable insights from participants is a good way to improve future events. However, often we struggle to get responses back from our post-event surveys. There is one area where you can be sure to increase more

Common Online Survey Pitfalls: Make Sure Answer Options Match

Writing questionnaires is difficult. There's no doubt that it's a real skill to be able to weed through what we'd like to know and what we need to know, then translate that into a solid question that will give us the data we need. No matter what email survey service or internet survey solution more

Example Event Seminar Survey Template Questions

Online software survey tools help a lot when it comes to creating web surveys or online survey forms. But writing satisfaction questionnaires still falls on your shoulders. It only seems right since it's up to you to set online survey feedback goals and make sure that the questions you pick more

Online Survey Best Practices for Event Surveys (Part III)

At the beginning of the week, I shared the first 10 tips from the Meetings & Convention article, Survey Science: How to craft more effective attendee evaluations, in Part I and Part II of this post. The first ten event survey tips include several of your typical online survey best practices: more

Online Survey Best Practices for Event Surveys (Part II)

Yesterday, I shared the first 5 tips from the Meetings & Convention article, Survey Science: How to craft more effective attendee evaluations. No one can deny the importance of measuring customer satisfaction, so why wouldn't you want to conduct a post-event survey to measure attendee satisfaction? more

Online Survey Best Practices for Event Surveys (Part I)

A recent article in Meetings & Conventions Magazine caught my attention this month: Survey Science, How to Craft more Effective Attendee Evaluations. Meeting planners are usually not survey experts, their expertise lay in planning and executing events, not crafting flawless survey more
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