Imporance of Qualitative Feedback

The survey is one of the most important means of collecting data. The advantage is that it can be given to a large sample that may ensure a reasonable rate of return. However, the survey has disadvantage—it may not yield the finer details for what you are seeking data. For example, you have more

25 Most Popular Survey Posts of 2011

Last week I shared my favorite feedback management blog posts that fell outside the Top 25 Most Popular Posts of 2011. After crunching the analysis for most read articles, most shared and clicked posts, I've narrowed down our 476+ posts to just the Top 25.Please share your thoughts below on more

Compensating Bad Behavior

If you have made a significant consumer purchase in the last five years, odds are you received some form of post-sale satisfaction survey. As a professional researcher, I am cognizant to the need to collect unbiased feedback from both customers and those that chose not to purchase. This more

Profiling Panelists

Screening questions are a common fixture at the beginning of many surveys. If you belong to one of the many consumer panels, you are familiar with this sort of question methodology. As a matter of record if you are a market researcher or marketer in general, you will often be screened out of more

Bringing Back the Comment Card

Before the days of the Internet, cell phones, and iPhones, customer feedback was collected via paper surveys, person-to-person interaction, and other non-electronic forms of communication including comment cards. Comments cards seem to be forgotten tactic when it comes to surveying your audience, more

Survey Criteria for Employee Evaluations

If you are in human resources, then you know that being more than half way through a year means that employee evaluations are soon to begin. Employee evaluations, especially 360 feedback forms, are a great way to gauge employee performance. It allows a manager to be able to see how their employee' more

North Carolina Teacher Surveys Show Positive Attitudes

While many of my recent posts have cited nationwide examples of teacher surveys that show unhappy employees due to budget cuts and increasing class sizes, results from North Carolina schools show a very different picture. With more than 105,000 teachers completing the 100-question form, the more

Post Event Surveys: Sample Questions that Gauge Impact

If you plan events, trade shows, conferences or seminars for a living, you already know the importance of feedback. After all, feedback is the only way of learning about your target market’s needs and expectations so that you can create marketing plans that guarantee future success. Online more

Survey Tip of the Day: Open-Ended Response Word Limit

I recently booked a hotel stay through a travel website for a business trip, and I received a hotel survey in my email this morning from the site. The survey was well-designed, mainly using questions based on a 10-point Likert scale with 15 questions total. While the design was strong, one of more

I Don't Know!! How Avoid Inaccurate Survey Results

As you create your next survey to collect feedback from your customers or employees, it's important to remember one crucial piece of information: your respondents don't know everything. All too often, I've seen the mistake of questionnaires that assume respondents can answer every question on more
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